Panasonic’s creates smart mirror that prints makeup

Panasonic presented its latest approach to beauty products with its “Smart Mirror” which analyzes the user’s face, finds its week points and prints out make-up to cover them up.

The tech giant has been embarking on the beauty are of technology for a while now. However, its latest approach to beauty products might be the future of the makeup industry. Panasonic was present during this year’s Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) in Japan,  presenting its latest beauty technology with their modified “Interactive mirror.” This is not the first time the company plays around with beauty technology and reflections, in fact, this has been a “work in progress” in the past few years.

However, the company’s latest approach might be the beginning of future beauty technologies by allowing the user to have a personalized experience with the machine and a product that fits perfect to their skin and face.

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Panasonic’s latest approach to their Interactive mirror works by analyzing the person’s face and detecting its weakest spots ( wrinkles, spots, sun damages, bags under the eyes), to then print a “patch” with make-up analyzed to fit the user’s skin tone and needs.

To apply the patch, the user simply needs to place it on the desired location of the face and smoothly rub it against the skin with a few drops of water, like a temporary tattoo,  leaving a concealer and foundation mark on the “flawed” spot.

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