On-Demand Beauty: When Uber Meets Twist-Outs

When Uber Meets Twist-Outs…

Excerpt from 4cHairChick.com

Have you ever had one of those days where you wished someone would just show up and do your hair for you? Like literally, take the wheel?

I’m having one of those moment right now. Wash day is staring me in the face, and I’ve got just enough willpower to co-wash and deep condition, but I just don’t see it for styling right now. Plus, work deadlines are calling and time is not on my side.

Thanks to technology and innovation, we’re seeing services like Uber and Amazon Prime deliver everything from private transportation to toilet paper to your front door almost instantly – with the swipe of a button.  Now we’re seeing Black businesses apply these concierge-like concepts to beauty services – and the results are amazing.

You feel me?

Black beauty delivered to your doorstep used to mean waiting for monthly subscription boxes like curlBOX and We Are ONYX to discover hair and beauty products from the comfort of your home. But with this list of the Top Four Pioneering Brands in Black Beauty, on demand beauty services are only a swipe away.

These four Black-owned mobile beauty services for women of color are making wishes for someone to “just come do my hair” come true. Read the rest here…

  1. Loved this article! BeautyLynk (beautylynk.com) is another platform doing some great things in the beauty space. A few of my friends in Boston used them and loved the experience.

    1. Yes! BeautyLynk is featured in this article too. We know and love 3/4 of the startups in this list. These ladies are doing some amazing things.

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