How to Curb Your Smartphone Addiction

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Curb Your Addiction and Get Back to Reality


I’m really writing this post to myself but figured i’d share with you. Me personally, I have a major slight addiction to my smartphone. The reason I know its addictive is because I utterly hate my Samsung Galaxy 6. That being said, an app is an app, Facebook calls and those Instagram posts aren’t going to check themselves.

  1. Don’t read emails first thing in the morning – As most phones have transitioned into our alarm clocks as well, this is a pretty tough one to do. After you dismiss your alarm, try to make the first 30 minutes of your day about YOU. Use this time to eat, meditate, stretch, read, journal or plan your day.
  2. Be intentional on when and how you use your phone – Our phones tend to be distractions even when we don’t intend them to be. The best way to handle this is to better manage notifications. That means lowering the ring volume and turning off push notifications, text and email message alerts.
  3. Set limits – This means limiting when and where you use your phone.  Big culprits include walking, red lights and in the presence of others.
  4. Create phone free ones – Designate physical places where you are not allowed to use your smartphone. Good places include your car (no more red light selfies), dinner table and in the presence of real human beings. Places I encourage you to indulge in your phone include potty time, laundry mats and car washes.
  5. Track your habits – Just as easy as it is to lose yourself in your phone, its just as easy to help you create better habits. There are dozens of apps that exist to monitor the amount of time you spend in different apps and your data usage. For you iOS users, Moment is a good app to try. On Android, my favorite app is Quality Time.
  6. Pull the plug – Well, not literally. Once your mind is engaged, its tough to shut things down and get some rest. Therefore, turn your phone off for an hour before you go to bed.

I hope these suggestions help. What other ways have you tried to help you curb your addiction?



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